Like a real hymn to love, the new Lock & Love collection created by Mathieu Tournaire brings you to the bridge of worldwide lovers, where couples hang up padlocks to symbolize everlasting love and make a wish by throwing the key over the bridge.

This universal tradition carrying hope enables those who perpetuate it to send a message to destiny in order to make their dreams of love and happiness come true. The padlock thus becomes a talisman and from this talisman was born a lucky charm jewel, the jewel of love.

Here with his Lock & Love collection, the jewellery craftsman Mathieu Tournaire signs his very first major design. These creations invite all the lovers to declare or re-declare their love with a unique jewel. What could be more romantic than a Lock & Love jewel to celebrate the love linking two persons?

You are the actor of a playful jewel

Besides the fact that it is full of symbols, the Lock & Love collection is also playful!

It has been designed in such a way that lovers can have fun with their jewels: one can customize, remove, fix the padlock to the neck of the loved one or undo it on any type of pendant created with it. The lover thus becomes the actor since himself can fix his love to the person his heart has chosen.

A collection of interchangeable jewels according to the will of the one who wears and the one who offers the jewel, Lock & Love embodies the heritage of timeless jewels by Tournaire.

Through this first major design, Mathieu Tournaire here inscribes his know-how in the respect of the traditions passed on by his father who is a Master jewellery craftsman, well-known for his exceptional creations with powerful symbols.

Tournaire and architecture

Philippe Tournaire is a jeweler-builder: he builds unique jewel pieces model after his know-how which he has passed down to his son Mathieu who is being handed on to.

The relay is a step between two points and as it happens those two points are the father and the son connected by a bridge. This bridge marks the passing baton of one generation to another in the history of Tournaire.

Full of symbolism, the bridge is an emblematic and essential part of architecture because it enables to connect a place to another and thus to connect a person to another.

Being inspired by many of his travels, Mathieu Tournaire has created the Lock & Love Collection. By creating this collection, the jewellery craftsman has been willing to express the value of universal love and union between two beings. The bridge represented by a jewel in this collection is also a wink at the architectural creations of his father. Unavoidable and ancestral, the bridge is a link.

This strong symbolism of union embodied by the bridge had to be used on the ultimate present that lovers offer to each other: a jewel. Mathieu has imagined the padlock that lovers would fix to the bridge. A jewel to seal the everlasting union of two lovers and give birth to the Lock & Love Collection.

The powerful alliance of the symbols of union and eternal love gathered in the same jewel perfectly illustrates the declaration or the « re »declaration of love…After all, one never says « I love you » too much!

Mathieu Tournaire : the different continuity

Passionate about travels and curious to open up to different cultures, Mathieu Tournaire has loved to travel around the world in order to discover other civilisations, learn other languages. A pronounced taste for travels and open-mindness inherited from his father and his mother.

To some people, the country house embodies the moments of happiness linked to the childhood. To Mathieu Tournaire, it is the workshop of his jewellery craftsman father. Ever since he was a child, Mathieu Tournaire has grown up in the workshop of his jewellery craftsman dad. He used to knock up things, to begin to know the various techniques proper to jewellery creation. Then he has been willing to hit his own road without following the lead of his father…But he was fated to be a jeweler! As the saying goes:” What’s bred in the bone comes out in the flesh!” Indeed his father passed him on his passion and the sense of a job well done. This desire to always discover new horizons is the reason of his endless curiosity and unquenchable thirst which appear in the designs as well as in the material used in his creations. Therefore creating has become an addiction to Mathieu Tournaire but also a remedy enabling him to reveal, surpass, express and actually free himself.

Passion makes people push back the boundaries, realise great things and the Lock & Love collection is the illustrious example!