Allow yourself to be carried away by Philippe Tournaire’s unique design...


Philippe Tournaire : artist to his fingertips

Once his style becomes familiar to you, you will find harmony within the apparent chaos.
As a man with a thirst for creativity, Philippe Tournaire weaves his magic by skilfully combining precious metals and stones with the history of art and science.
Using a superb blend of colours, symbolic architecture and a keen eye for detail, for more than 40 years Philippe Tournaire has worked hard to establish his own distinctive rules of harmony.
As a designer, he has always been a firm believer that success does not come from simply applying the skills learned, but rather from being creative and adapting oneself to the design piece and its world.





Mathieu Tournaire : the different continuity

Passionate about travels and curious to open up to different cultures, Mathieu Tournaire has loved totravel around the world in order to discover other civilisations, learn other languages.
This desire to always discover new horizons is the reason ofhis endless curiosity and unquenchable thirst which appear in the designs as well as in the material used in his creations.
Therefore creating has become an addiction to Mathieu Tournaire but also a
remedy enabling him to reveal, surpass, express and actually free himself.
His first major collection symbolises, through the use of a bridge, the link between himself and his father: a passage from one generation to the next, from father to son.




Rings, medals, bracelets, necklaces… our whole range of jewellery is available in our stores, in Paris, Lyon, as well as in Saint-Etienne-Montbrison.

When exploring this catalogue, take the time to admire Tournaire’s latest collections, and discover the classic touch that has made the Tournaire brand so popular and distinctive.