Montre Paris Forever Tournaire Technotime watch

World Première


With this exquisite timepiece, TOURNAIRE and TECHNOTIME are combining the art of fine jewellery making, for which the Architecture collection of rings has created the renown of the jewellery creator, with fine watchmaking. It may also be described as a fusion of the most advanced techniques and the most extreme creativity.

The project which began in October 2010, led to the creation of an Architecture in homage to the city of PARIS in an exceptional tourbillon using as many gold pieces as possible directly on and within the mechanisms.

In the same vein as the Architecture collection of rings designed by the jeweller, Philippe TOURNAIRE aimed at creating a wonderful selection of miniatures, completely manufactured by smelting and polished by hand. The team of experts at TECHNOTIME then worked at providing the extremely precise adjustment of all components to form the mechanics

This TT791.50 calibre Architecture showcases the French capital city through its various monuments

From the Trocadero Gardens with its diamond blue fountain, to the Louvre via the Académie Française, from the Fontaine des Innocents to the Pont Neuf white diamonds, the support of the Tourbillon, and the Eiffel Tower to the Arc de Triomphe, or the Place Vendôme to Notre-Dame, and even the Arènes de Lutèce

A motionless visit around PARIS, and it is without having to take a step, between platinum and the Pont des Arts, the Louvre Pyramid and the pendulum, you will actually go on a long stroll as everything is visible in this gold and sapphire watch casing. And as an ultimate homage to Mankind through Time, the casing is constructed around four Doric, Ionic, Tuscan and Corinthian columns

Specialists will appreciate the wonderful performance of this timepiece, and this unique, technical and creative exploit

As behind the City and its emblematic figures, there is a remarkable and much-remarked calibre having received awards in the « Tourbillon » category of the much respected Concours de Chronométrie 2011, a calibre developed by the TECHNOTIME team.

In order to better appreciate the value of the performance of this timepiece, here are some details:

- the TT791.00 calibre, 60 second Tourbillon, is fitted with a double barrel. It additionally has a 5-day power reserve and has been acknowledged as one of the most reliable and accurate calibres of all Swiss timepieces.

- for production of just one of the platinum-architectural designs, it was necessary to make no fewer than 40 drill holes with a precision ranging between 4 to 10 microns and 10 tappings from S0.6 to S1.

- the casing close to the Arènes de Lutèce has a total of 67 components and does not weigh any more than 0.51 grams. This sole part of the timepiece required four days for assembly.

Whilst PARIS cannot be made in a day, in this instance it was necessary for 18 months and the combined effort and expertise of two exceptional Companies, an artist and experts in some of the most zany dreams, with sufficient guile to see the project through, and a passionate team with the ultimate goal of giving life to this miracle of watchmaking creativity.