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Georges Pelletier

Maison Tournaire has the honor to present its partnership with the great ceramic artist Georges Pelletier, creator of sculptures and lights since 1950. Through their collaboration, Georges Pelletier and Maison Tournaire take us on a journey between passion and exceptional luminous achievements.


Georges Pelletier & Tournaire creations: unique in the world

Georges Pelletier ceramist recognized around the world

Georges Pelletier, born in Brussels in 1938, made his debut for two years at the Académie Charpentier in Paris (School of Arts and Crafts which is now the Picasso Museum). After that, he worked at Atelier Claude Pantzer (Les grandes poteries d´Accolay). Occasionally, he goes to the artist Fernand Léger's studio, where he presents his work to the foreman and learns how to draw.

In 1961, he opened his first workshop in Paris, where he created his first unique pieces. He was spotted by the Bobois house for his talent and became a supplier of the Bobois lighting collections from 1961 to 1973, where he had his own manufacturing workshop dedicated to the creation of lighting for this large house.

In 1973, he decided to leave for the South of France, in Cannes, where he set up a new workshop where he is still active and continues to work. Today, Georges Pelletier is an artist recognized around the world, his artistic creations illuminate the most beautiful houses in the world.

La Maison Tournaire: Between jewelry and works of art

The Maison Tournaire was founded in 1973 by Philippe Tournaire. Self-taught, he knew how to create jewelry with a unique style. Over time, Philippe Tournaire passed on his passion for jewelry to his son Mathieu Tournaire, who today embodies the heritage of the House. Jewelery Tournaire is like its creators, Philippe and Mathieu Tournaire: "Always in search of innovation and something never seen, never done"

Recognized for several decades, especially for its meaningful jewelry, the Maison Tournaire has unique know-how, the result of mixing the best of ancestral techniques such as lost wax casting, and the best of the most modern technologies. like 3D design, used by the jewelry house for over twenty years.

This know-how, which is extremely rare today in France, has aroused the interest of many Luxury Houses and artists, with whom the Maison Tournaire has collaborated to create exceptional pieces or complete collections. Today, the Maison Tournaire is also developing its own ranges of works of art, decoration, tableware ... referred to as "Tournaire Déco"

The sharing of the arts between the jewelry house Tournaire and the ceramist Georges Pelletier for unique works in the world

Maison Tournaire and Georges Pelletier have collaborated on the development of various resolutely artistic and surprising lights. When Mathieu Tournaire discovered the works of Georges Pelletier and the shadow play that these incredible creations could create, he immediately had the idea of ​​offering him a collaboration.

The play of light is created by the various sculptures which have been adapted to the works of Georges Pelletier. To do this, all the pieces integrated into the ceramic were created to measure in the Maison Tournaire workshops which are located in the Loire.

We find there the elements of the “Trilogie Alchimie” collection where the symbolic and iconic forms of the Maison Tournaire are displayed: an assembly of squares, triangles and circles forming a whole representing the three stages of the evolution of life: the past represented by the square, the present materialized by the triangle and the future by the circle. As well as elements of the collection "Engrenages" which present a set of interlocking cogs, and whose strength increases tenfold, as within a family, a group where the more there are, the more forces multiply. The patterns also recall the mechanisms of a watch to symbolize the passage of time by inviting people to enjoy life.


All the pieces created by Maison Tournaire were assembled and assembled on the creations in Georges Pelletier's workshop in Cannes. The range includes three “Sun” type luminaires, two floor lamps and a totem pole. Each of these six pieces is numbered and limited to three copies, the rarity of these creations makes them exceptional. Through the art of working with ceramics and precious metals, they wanted to create unique works that will delight art and ceramic enthusiasts.

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