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Orlinski & Bic

The Limited Editions of BIC® 4 Colours pens BIC x Richard Orlinski x Tournaire.

Much more than a pen, it’s a piece of art!

BIC has partnered with the French artist Richard Orlinski and jewelry house Tournaire to create a unique collection of iconic BIC 4 Colours pens.

The BIC 4 Colours pen has been a timeless object since its inception in 1970. Now it’s adorned in Richard Orlinski’s signature facets and elevated by the jeweller Mathieu Tournaire.

The “bronze” collection includes three different variations: rose gold-plated bronze, yellow gold-plated bronze and white palladium-plated bronze, each numbered up to 999 and priced at 390 €.

This unexpected collaboration intertwines three worlds: the popular, the art and the exceptional.

This new 4 Colours pen is the perfect gift for a birthday, a party or a graduation ceremony.

Who is Richard Orlinski ? 

Richard Orlinski is the best-selling French contemporary artist in the world. His sculptures are inspired by the « Born Wild » concept and are a reflection of a profound contemplation on animal instincts and human nature. His style is modern and never gives way to trash, extravagance or passing trends.

His leitmotiv is to make art accessible to the greatest number of people possible. While his work is exhibited in more than 90 galleries across the globe, he doesn’t hesitate to break codes by exposing for free and in the open-air in places such as the French Alps or cities like Paris or Cannes. He also enjoys displaying his work in atypical places and meeting with his fans.

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