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Repairs and transformations

Creation is also sometimes the art of reviving old jewels or transforming them. Atypical, perfectionist and demanding, Maison Tournaire wants its creations to be made in its own workshops. It is the guarantee of high quality piece, the brand of exclusivity and uncompromising know-how.

Jewelry Repair

Common works at all jewelry stores are offered on silver, gold or platinum jewelry, with the addition of the expertise of an outstanding jeweler:

Personalization of jewelry and antique jewelry

Repair and restoration of antique jewelry and precious objects

Jewelry transformation into a piece of jewelry signed by Maison Tournaire

- Jewelry cutting - Re-crimping, re-cutting and fitting of precious stones

Jewelry cleaning and rhodium plating

Estimating your gems and jewelry

- Changing your watch batteries

Personalize your jewel with an engraving!

Philippe Tournaire often repeats that "jewels are the memories of the future" because they are often offered for an event, a special occasion, a party or simply as a proof of love or friendship.

Then, to perpetuate even more the memory of these moments, we propose to you to engrave your various jewels like your medals, your rings, your rings ... of a date, a first name or a short message, what the manufacture Jewelry in our own workshop allows. Offered or according to specifications, we offer different typographies for your engraving: in capital letters, English writing or lines, etc. So many little touches that will make your jewel, a unique creation.

We invite you to discover our gourmet and customizable medals with an engraving.

The Gold Buyout

We buy your gold or turn it into Tournaire jewelry

Given the increasing number of more or less dubious gold bids that invade the mailboxes and the lack of transparency in the proposed valuation methods, many consumers are now distraught and do not know how to where to go...

For more than 40 years, Maison Tournaire has offered its customers the purchase of gold and the transformation of antique jewelry.

And in order to offer its customers total transparency about its purchases, Maison Tournaire refers to the "private buying course" offered by COOKSON CLAL, an internationally renowned company and a reference in the world of precious metals.

This course is updated on a daily basis, which allows to buy systematically at the true market price, the customer can then freely decide to follow up or not his desire to sell its metal.

On the other hand, in order for Tournaire to be able to buy gold from an individual, the individual must present an identity document and payments are made to him either by check or by bank transfer, which the law imposes for any redemption Of precious metal because it is also the means of protecting the sellers.

Maison Tournaire also offers the possibility very often retained by our customers to transform their old gold into a contemporary jewel and thus reduce the cost.

For any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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