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The know-how of excellence of two French companies gives rise to a unique piece. This exceptional partnership gave birth to the "UTOPIA ALCHEMIE" headphones. This artistic jewel of art has required more than a year of work, giving birth to a unique work in the world that is composed of the reference headphone, the Utopia.


The world's most prestigious helmet FOCAL and TOURNAIRE® combine in a common adventure. The excellence of these two French companies gives rise to a unique piece: the most prestigious headphones in the world, UTOPIA by TOURNAIRE.

UTOPIA by TOURNAIRE is the result of a unique alliance: the perfect alchemy between FOCAL®, manufacturer for over 35 years of loudspeakers and loudspeaker loudspeakers and Maison Tournaire, which has been recognized for many years for its Creations of symbolic and atypical jewelry. The two Houses are famous in France and in the world for their exceptional know-how. They are also recognized as Living Heritage Enterprises (EPVs). FOCAL® and Maison TOURNAIRE® have come together for an exceptional partnership. Together, they created the most original headphones: UTOPIA by TOURNAIRE®.

Very high quality headphones

Everything starts with the reference headphones "Utopia": announced in June this high-fidelity headphone set, designed and manufactured in France, is equipped with exclusive FOCAL® technologies. As a world leader in the market for audio headphones, it offers the only fully open wide-range loudspeaker on the back with a "M" dome made of pure Beryllium. Its racy design, high-end materials and genuine lambskin cushions make it a very high-end headphone pair. "Utopia" has already become a reference in its market…

Customized by jewelry

The design of this exceptional helmet has been customized by Maison Tournaire®. The result is a unique object: his new esthetism was designed and realized in family by Philippe and Mathieu Tournaire. It is marked with the imprint of the Trilogy, iconic symbol of the Maison Tournaire which represents the 3 stages of the evolution of life; The past, the present, the future. This universal symbolism links the past represented by the square, raw, the present by the triangle, and finally the circle of plenitude, completion, future, perfection ... This Trilogy was created in yellow gold 750 thousandths set, with a total of 6 carats of diamonds, all hand-crafted in the workshops of the TOURNAIRE jewelery®.

A fascinating object

This jewel of craftsmanship required more than a year of work, from design to final assembly, giving birth to a remarkable work. This makes it the most prestigious and expensive headphones in the world: UTOPIA by TOURNAIRE®.


This artistic and technical masterpiece is deposited on a support: a pedestal representing a face composed of the elements of the TOURNAIRE® Trilogy, carved in yellow bronze and patinated by hand. The helmet is a limited edition and numbered with 8 pieces at the price of 100 000 euros per piece, 110 000 euros with its support. A part of the profits from the sale of the helmet and the base will be donated to the association P'tit LOUIS which aims to save Louis Biscini, 8 years old, suffering from a rare degenerative disease: Type 1 bis infantile spinal muscular atrophy.

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