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Starting from concrete and useful objects was both a constraint and a source of inspiration. In this situation, the shape of the fork suggested to me the creation of a hinge as a clasp. Over the years, it has evolved.

The Free bracelet, is the symbol of my beginnings as a jeweler. I did not have the opportunity to buy precious metals and I did with what I found in the flea markets where I could hunt silverware. I also used pieces of 5 francs at that time, as well as kinds of knitting needles that were made of silver. I had to get by with what I had. But also with what I knew to do because I did not yet master the melting of metals for example. I relied on the forge, which enabled me to realize my first ideas. The first Free bracelet, I imagined it from a silver fork I had taken from my mother.

For 40 years, the Free bracelet has evolved for practical reasons, especially at the clasp. I was able to improve this jewel thanks to the new tools I had, as well as to the techniques I had learned or developed. The bracelet as it is known today, it is a twenty years of work and 4 or 5 versions. There are still small technical details that I wanted to improve, to make it easier, but I also want to keep this side a little raw that makes its charm...

I declined the ring bracelet when I realized that the design appealed and that customers who already had the bracelet would also like to have a ring in aesthetic continuity. Although it takes up the same visual, the ring does not inherit the mechanism of the Free bracelet. It was a success, it pleased my customers and it received the 1st prize in the category "jewels for men" in 2011, at the international trade fair of Baselworld.

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