Philippe Tournaire created a collection that he called Marguerite. At first it was a name for a ring for a young couple. Today we have declined the collection in bracelets, earrings or in pendants.

It was with this collection of jewels that I developed in the years 1986-1987 what I call "organized disorder". We first called these jewels "Chibreli". This name comes from a phrase of Renee, one day in the studio, who said to me: "Pass this ring, this chibreli." She then pointed to the first Marguerite jewel I made; It was for a young couple who wanted an engagement ring a little different from what was seen.

We then decided to call the Marguerite collection because it was a name more appealing to our customers and especially more serious. Today the collection has been declined in bracelets, earrings or pendants, but "organized disorder" remains. These jewels also include one of my trademarks: asymmetry.

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