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In the Alchimie collection two Trilogy arrangements are found: the first is the one with the three aligned shapes and the second, called "cubic", sees the three geometrical figures embedded in each other. The Trilogy is not just a ring; It has been part of pendants, bracelets and earrings.

I started the Alchimie collection in 1992 or 1993. It came from the Marguerite jewelry and from the "organized disorder" that the latter suggest. The first element of the collection was the alliance with the triangular-round squares placed consecutively to form the ring. I imagined the Alchemy Trilogy in a trilogy contest organized by the Diamond Center. I drew it in two different ways and then I tried both of them by making prototypes. In the end I did not retain the trilogy that I preferred drawing because it did not give the most beautiful object. The Alchemy Trilogy ring has evolved to the current version where I feel I have found its harmony. She has become an emblematic model of the House for 15 years, and I'm sure she still has many years ahead of it.

From this ring came the Alchimie collection that I propose today. It takes up the three forms that make up the emblem of Maison Tournaire: the square, the triangle and the circle. These forms, I show them to the life and evolution of a person. At the beginning we are a square, with values, ideas that we believe are anchored and formatted forever. But the triangle shows the evolution of what we are, movement, transformation..

From a square and rigid square, one will become a round, wiser and more in harmony with oneself and nature. Our spirit has risen up to this status. These three forms are also universal and intercultural symbols found in the foundations of architecture. These codes are found in religious buildings, with a square base and a domed roof. That's why this collection speaks to Frenchmen, as well as Americans, to Chinese people…

This striking collection, I could have lost it. In 1997, I got in touch and got an appointment in New York, 5th Avenue, with a purchasing manager from Tiffany & Co who was seduced by the Alchimie collection. But they required to become owners of jewelry and patterns. Even though this represented a huge order for us, equivalent to almost a year's turnover, with Anne, in a few seconds we decided to decline. It was dispossessing all the people who had given me their trust for 25 years. Today I do not regret this choice because Alchimie is the collection that has the wind in its sails and always a lot of success with our customers…

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