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The Architecture rings are a tradition that has existed since the 5th century and the Merovingian period, and even before. In Gaul, in the tombs of the women of the aristocracy, there were found rings called "rings of the faith", taking again architectural forms.

 Later, in the 16th and 17th centuries, there are traces of Architecture rings in Jewish culture, at weddings where the woman received a decorated ring of the couple's future home.

The Architectural rings that we make are part of the continuity of this historical and intercultural heritage. The first rings of rings with architectural forms, I made them around 1975. They represented fortified castles and were very simple, I had not yet the adapted material nor my knowledge today.

Around the years 2000, I imagined the present Architectures, to explain the rings Marélie, Carambole, Metropolis or Essaloi. I had made one, very large, to attract the attention of journalists to the fair "Joaillerie", in which we participated regularly in Paris. There were all the great brands of the Place Vendome. We had to make a striking and figurative object to attract the curiosity of the visitors, who did not always understand my jewels. And this oversized Architecture ring has made its effect because the same evening we were quoted in the 20 hours of TF1.

It is above all thanks to the evolution of techniques, especially 3D, that I was able to make jewelry including so many details.

The Architecture rings adopt a more accessible form, they are figurative works that make it possible to understand also my other creations. Before, most people did not understand my intention, which I wanted to represent in an abstract way.

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