Terms of service

The Customer can order the items put on sale on the site of the company Philippe Tournaire or:


Directly online on the site

By phone at (Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.)


For any order made via the Philippe Tournaire's website, the Customer must comply with the process described below:


From an article in the catalog, the customer clicks on "Add to the basket". Then order, he then arrives in the basket which contains all the items he has selected.


On this interface, the customer can then modify the desired quantity for each product, or delete a product from his basket by checking the "Delete" box


To continue his order, the customer must click on the "order" link.


He then arrives on the interface which allows him to identify himself. If he already has an account, he enters his email address and password in the right frame. If he does not have an account, the customer must create one by clicking on the "continued" button as part of the left. He then arrives on a form in which he must enter his first names and different coordinates. He must also choose a password that will allow him to identify on the site.


Once his account has been created, or once identified if he already has an account, the Internet user accesses the delivery interface. He finds his delivery address, which he can possibly change by clicking on the "Update" link.


He then selects his shipping method. He then clicks on "order".


The customer then accesses the payment interface where he must then choose his payment method, either by credit card, or bank transfer, or check or PayPal, he clicks on "Continue".


If the chosen method is credit card: he must choose his type of card by clicking on the corresponding logo. He then accesses the secure online payment interface. He completes the form with his card number and the expiration date as requested and then clicks on validate. If the payment is accepted, it is redirected on a page indicating that its order has been registered. The customer also receives an email indicating that his order has been taken into account.


If he chooses payment by transfer, the parameters of the account to make his transfer are indicated to him. To validate his order he clicks on "Confirm the order". Its order will be processed once the transfer is made and the funds credited to the bank account of the company Philippe Tournaire.


If he chooses payment by check, the order to be put on the check is indicated to him, as well as the address to which to send his payment. To validate his order he clicks on "Confirm the order".


If he chooses payment by Paypal, he must follow the instructions on the screen to make his payment.


The company Philippe TOURNAIRE ACCUPTED RECEPTION OF THE Order in the form of an email in French, or English according to the language of the chosen site, sent to the email address communicated by the customer. This acknowledgment of receipt will contain the summary of the order, the billing address, the delivery address, and the payment method chosen by the customer.