This collaboration pools two regional know-how but also two representatives of local crafts. We have chosen to work with 1515 and Manu Laplace because it is one of the rare cutlers to still offer tailor-made and an exceptional quality of finish.

Art cutle

"The 1515" is a concept. The idea is to meet people to establish a partnership with a brand, an artist, a friend ... I remember my meeting with Philippe Tournaire, he made me evolve, delete the barriers that we put Sometimes without knowing why. And that's how we imagined and made a 1515® set with 54 diamonds. Manu Laplace, craftsman cutter of art.

This association gave birth to two exceptional knives that bring together 3 craft techniques: that of the cutler, the cabinetmaker and the jeweler. The meeting with 1515 saw the creation of a first tool with an old walnut handle, set with 3 diamonds contained in white gold sets and a damask steel blade, a "thousand steel sheets" giving patterns playing On different colors and similar to the level curves found on the cards. A second exclusive object was created, damask blade and a walnut handle set on the 54 diamond slice, an achievement which is the fruit of the reflection of two visionary and limitless craftsmen.

The guarantee of an artisanal know -how without compromise

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