This collaboration brings together two regional skills and two representatives of local craftsmanship. We chose to work with 1515 and Manu Laplace because he is one of the few cutlery makers to still offer made-to-measure work and exceptional finishing quality.

Art cutlery

"The 1515 is a concept. The idea is to meet people in order to establish a partnership with a brand, an artist, a friend... I remember meeting Philippe Tournaire , he helped me to evolve, to remove the barriers we sometimes put in place without knowing why. And that's how we came to imagine and create a 1515® set with 54 diamonds. Manu Laplace, artisanal cutler.

This association has given birth to two lines of exceptional knives that combine 3 artisanal techniques: that of the cutler, the cabinetmaker and the jeweller. The meeting with 1515 saw the creation of a first tool with an antique walnut handle, set with 3 diamonds contained in white gold settings, and a Damascus steel blade, a "steel mille feuille" giving patterns playing on different colors and similar to the contour lines found on maps. A second exclusive object has been created, with a Damascus blade and a walnut handle set with 54 diamonds on the edge, an achievement that is the fruit of the reflection of two visionary and boundless craftsmen.

The guarantee of uncompromising craftsmanship