Pensée sauvage

"My passion for nature, with my first creation of flower jewelry with pistils set in precious stones, led us to evolve towards this new floral and colourful collection."

In the language of flowers, thought means "I'm thinking of you". A thought like the flower with its many colors, a thought towards the other with its many feelings. 

An ode to femininity and its poetry, the wild flower of the great outdoors, whether in the alpine pastures or on the plateaus of Forez. 

For the creation of this exceptional piece, it was the stones chosen that guided the designer. Finding the right harmony, the perfect balance between the stones, was a lengthy process until the most delicate and perfect combination was found. 

The challenge of this creation was to create a voluminous ring that would still be perfectly pleasant to wear, and it's all about subtle balance. This bouquet is worn on the middle finger, its density covering the middle and ring finger, a majestic piece of hand jewelry. 

This haute Jewellery piece is entirely crafted in 750 thousandths palladium-coated white gold, set with 84 diamonds (0.79 carat), 5 rubies (2.97 carats), 3 sapphires (1.3 carat), 2 tsavorites (0.17 carat), 2 emeralds (0.49 carat) and a tourmaline (3.44 carats).

The guarantee of uncompromising craftsmanship