Wild thought

“My passion for nature with my first creation of Fleur Bijoux with pistils fitting the precious stones made us evolve towards this new floral and colorful collection”

In the language of flowers, thought means “I think of you”. A thought like the flower with multiple colors, a thought towards the other with multiple feelings.

Ode to femininity and its poetry, wild flower of the great outdoors, both in the mountain pastures and on the Forez sets.

For the creation of this exceptional piece, it was the chosen stones that guided the creator. Finding the right harmony, the perfect balance between stones was a long -term job until we find the most delicate and perfect association.

The challenge of this creation was to make a voluminous ring which remains perfectly pleasant to wear, everything is still in this reflection of subtle balance. This bouquet is carried out on the middle finger, its density covers the major and the annular, a majestic jewel.

This piece of Haute Joaillerie is infected in Palladié white gold 750 thousandths, set with 84 diamonds (0.79 carat), 5 rubies (2.97 carats), 3 sapphires (1.3 carat), 2 tsavorites (0.17 carat), 2 emeralds (0.49 carat ) and a tourmaline (3.44 carats)

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