Verney-Carron workshop

We did this collaboration in 2008 with the Verney-Carron workshop, which is the craft workshop of the famous Stéphanoise brand, specializing in the manufacture of tailor-made and prestigious hunting weapons.

Verney-Carron by Tournaire

This meeting made it possible to highlight the Forezian territory but also to bring together two exceptional know-how for the creation of exclusive rifles.

Our common work has given birth to two singular achievements, two rifles that have benefited from mastering the Verney-Carron® workshops coupled with the originality that we want to include in our achievements. A first rifle representing a hunting scene included in the butt was created, there is a scene with a chalet, trees and gold animals; A sapphire river, as well as raw diamonds as rocks. A second model has also emerged, taking up the low relief technique with gold plates, on the flank and the butt's butt, which illustrates ancient hunting scenes. The essential geometric shapes tower are set with diamonds and then placed at the bottom right of this plate as a signature.

The guarantee of an artisanal know -how without compromise

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