We began this collaboration in 2008 with the Verney-Carron workshop, which is the craft workshop of the famous Saint-Etienne-based brand, specializing in the manufacture of prestigious, made-to-measure hunting weapons.

Verney-Carron by Tournaire

This meeting was an opportunity to highlight the forezien territory, but also to bring together two exceptional skills for the creation of exclusive rifles.

Our joint work gave birth to two singular creations, two rifles that benefited from the mastery of the Verney-Carron® workshops coupled with the originality we like to include in our creations. The first rifle features a hunting scene in the stock, with a cottage, trees and animals in gold, a river in sapphires, and rough diamonds as rocks. A second model has also been created, using the bas-relief technique with gold plates on the sides and stock of the weapon, depicting ancient hunting scenes. The unmistakable geometric shapes Tournaire are set with diamonds and placed in the bottom right-hand corner of the plate as a signature.

The guarantee of uncompromising craftsmanship