Tailor -made

A stone that has a history and meaning for a person, whatever their financial value, has an emotional value which is more important for me; She can continue to live through unique creations that will be worn and transmitted.

Do you have an idea in mind?

An object, a large or small jewel. Explain your project to our creators, jewelers, watchmakers who will put their know -how to design your exceptional piece.


A story, a jewel, a tailor -made creation

Many creations presented were born following appointments with customers bringing their stones, their stories and their wishes. Listening, trial and error, multiple tests and certain constraints, appearedcreations that the customer was able to appropriate fully. Personalization for me is also to process everyone's requests, I pay as much attention to a small budget as to an important. There is also a question of know-how. When I make a jewel, I take care to respect the rules of requirement of aTournaire jewelry :

The comfort of our jewelry
Using an almonds or an offbeat body for right or left hand. Ajewel is made to be worn and must be able to be almost forgotten.

The solidity of our jewelry
With a thick body and the most "tender" stones protected by more harsh gems.

The aesthetics and the difference in our jewelry
“We notice the people who wear my jewelry because they mark. I have already been questioned in the metro in Paris, to ask me:"Is it a tournaire jewel that you wear there? »».

Advice and adaptation to the person
Compared to the color of the skin or hair for example, to have a jewel who corresponds to the person who wears it.

The symbolism of the creations of the house Tournaire
Because ajewel is not just a simple accessory.

Custom jewelry for everyone

Give a second life to jewelry Who makes sense, a story for our customers. I sometimes bring up to date, with the Tournaire style, old jewelry that customers no longer put but which retain a sentimental value.

The guarantee of an artisanal know -how without compromise

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