Custom design

A stone that has a story and meaning for a person, whatever its financial value, has an emotional value that is more important to me; it can live on through unique creations that will be worn and passed on.

Got an idea in mind?

An object, a piece of jewelry large or small. Explain your project to our designers, jewelers and watchmakers, who will use their expertise to design your exceptional piece.


A story, a jewel, a tailor-made creation

Many of the creations presented here were born out of meetings with customers who brought their stones, their stories and their wishes. Through listening, trial and error, multiple trials and certain constraints, creations have emerged that the customer has been able to make their own. For me, personalization also means dealing with everyone's requests. I pay as much attention to a small budget as to a large one. It's also a question of know-how. When I create a piece of jewelry, I make sure that I respect the rules that apply to Tournaire jewelry:

The comfort of our jewelry
By using an almond-shaped or offset body for right or left hands. A piece of jewelry is meant to be worn and almost forgotten.

The solidity of our jewelry
With a thick body and the "softest" stones protected by sentinels in harder gems.

The aesthetics and difference of our jewelry
"People notice the people who wear my jewelry, because they stand out. I've been stopped on the subway in Paris and asked: "Is that Tournaire jewelry you're wearing?".

Advice and adaptation to the person
With regard to skin or hair color, for example, to have a piece of jewelry that matches the wearer.

The symbolism of the Maison's creations Tournaire
jewelry is more than just an accessory.

Custom jewelry for everyone

Giving a second life to jewelry that has meaning and a story for our customers. I sometimes update old jewelry that customers no longer wear, but which still have sentimental value, with the Tournaire style.

The guarantee of uncompromising craftsmanship