The quality of our rings is our top priority

The quality of our rings is our top priority 

French jewelers Philippe and Mathieu Tournaire have created numerous gold rings. All creations by the famous House are made exclusively in 18 carat gold (750 thousandths gold) in our workshops in France

When the designers create a ring, the finesse of the details is paramount, as it testifies to the expertise of the Maison. There are certain requirements that the two designers want to emphasize, such as comfort. To achieve this, they use an almond-shaped body or a body that is offset in one direction for the right hand or in another direction for the left hand.

"A jewel is made to be worn and should be able to be almost forgotten". Philippe Tournaire

Philippe Tournaire makes its rings with a thick body to guarantee long life. The "softer" stones are protected by harder stones placed as sentinels, reinforcing the ring's solidity. What's more, the aesthetics and originality of our jewelry are one of the great qualities of Tournaire. 

The beauty of a ring is a matter of art

For both artists, jewelry is more than just an accessory. It has real emotional value.

"When I choose a stone, it's not just with the eyes but with the heart too, I choose it simply because it's beautiful [...] I don't choose a stone for its name but for the optical effect it creates."

A great deal of preparatory work goes into making a ring

Creating a ring from Jewellery requires a great deal of preparatory artistic work, which can take several years at Tournaire. In fact, the creative chain begins with sketches, and Philippe and Mathieu Tournaire then create an initial 3D model. Little by little, by exchanging ideas with the production team, the drawing is refined and made more precise, culminating in the first wax model.

On request: Our rings can also be made to measure, according to your expectations and tastes (choice of stones, gold color, design, shape, engraving...).

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