The commitments responsible for the Maison Tournaire

Very attached to its commitments, the Tournaire Maison makes every effort to keep them, defend and develop them. These commitments are the very identity of the Tournaire House


Gold mining has a very high environmental impact. It leads to deforestation, rejection of harmful products in the environment and therefore endangering whole ecosystems. Recycled gold, on the other hand, requires only a overhaul and treatment to purify it, its ecological impact is therefore negligible.


The gold exploitation also has a social impact, minors often work in difficult conditions and it happens that they are exploited, remunerated very weakly for a work that endangers their health and does not allow them to live decently. Recycled gold therefore makes it possible not to promote intensive farms where working conditions are not acceptable.

As for the white diamonds we use, they all follow the Kimberley process, which guarantees that they are not involved in the financing of armed conflicts.

The solidarity commitments of the Tournaire Maison

It is very important for us to support certain major causes that are important to us, we regularly commit to helping the different associations and foundations.

Since 2016, we have been working with the NGO Positive Planet, which has been fighting to offer better living conditions to future generations. She supports those who need it, in the achievements of their project and provides them with the tools to carry them out.

Since 2016, we have been creating the Award's positive trophy as part of the positive cinema week at the Palais des Festivals de Cannes.

When we have collaborated with the Clément rum brand, the most expensive rum bottle in the world, we have paid a donation to the APIPD (Association for Information and Prevention of Drépanocytosis). The enthusiasm around the sale of this bottle was an opportunity for us to highlight this beautiful association and to raise awareness as possible about this disease still too little known and little publicized.

The guarantee of an artisanal know -how without compromise

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