Silver, in the shadow of gold

Like gold, silver is a precious metal. Much more malleable than gold, it lends itself particularly well to jewelry creations. Its color, too, alters and transforms over time; we'd say that silver develops a patina. In the same way, silver jewelry left unworn for a long time can oxidize and turn black. Wearing it again, however, can restore the silver jewel's shine. There's a kind of symbiosis between silver and our skin: we reveal its brilliance to it so that it gives us more radiance. It's this brilliant white color that gives silver its name of "lunar metal", as opposed to gold, which is associated with the sun. Perhaps because of its changeability and malleability, we also attribute other symbolism to silver, such as that of the soul, transparency, the psyche and the inner world.

Our silver bracelets, it all started with a fork

Philippe Tournaireour jewelry designer, has always had an insatiable need to find new inspiration. In the early days of his jewelry business, and with few resources at his disposal, he had to be ingenious. He was therefore obliged to seek inspiration and test his experiments on various silver objects. Because of their initial shape, these objects imposed certain constraints, which our creator endeavored to overcome or use to his advantage in his experiments. Nevertheless, they were a tremendous source of inspiration for him. Thus was born our first piece of silver jewelry, the Free bracelet, which, victim of its own success, became a collection in its own right. It all began with a silver fork that Philippe Tournaire had stolen from his mother. In the course of transforming the object and drawing inspiration from it, he eventually came up with the first model of the Free bracelet. Thus, Philippe Tournaire 's phrase"Bring me a silver fork and I'll make you a piece of jewelry" takes on its full meaning. Today, we have a number of collections in silver, because it's a material that our designer still loves to work with, and one that, like our House, is constantly evolving.

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