Innovation is the word that best characterizes our DNA. As a self-taught craftsman, Philippe Tournaire has never been afraid to innovate throughout his career, blending distinctive manufacturing techniques with unrivalled know-how to achieve the desired result. 

We are one of the first Maison de Haute-Jewellery to have integrated 3D design into our creative process. We use 3D modeling as well as 3D printing to create certain pieces. Tournaire jewelry is a judicious blend of innovation, technology, traditional know-how and creativity. 


Keeping our commitments is of paramount importance to us, which is why we provide ongoing support and accompany you throughout your experience with us. 

For us, as for you, it's essential to be at the customer's service, which is why the responsiveness of our teams is essential. 

Attention to others

Simplicity is our watchword, and despite the constant growth of our company Jewellery , we are determined to preserve our values and our simplicity. The privileged relationships we maintain with our customers are essential to us in maintaining a relationship of trust and continuing to excel in our field. 

La Maison Tournaire is more than just a Maison de Jewellery, it's also an experience. 

Quality of our jewellery creations

We are extremely vigilant about the quality of our creations. All our jewels are entirely made in our unique workshop in France by specialized craftsmen. All our creations follow the same manufacturing process, and we are particularly attached to the high standards of excellence that our jewelry receives. 

The raw materials we use are selected with the utmost care. 

All our white diamonds are natural and of current GVS quality, they all follow the Kimberley process which guarantees that our diamonds are not involved in financing armed conflicts. 

Since time immemorial, all our creations have been entirely designed and manufactured in France in our workshop exclusively in Gold 750‰, Silver 925‰ or Platinum 950‰.

We also opt for an eco-responsible approach, reusing mostly gold from old jewelry purchased from our customers. A guarantee of high-quality pieces, the hallmark of exclusivity and uncompromising expertise. 

Over the years, we have also established a set of standards that are unique to Tournaire : 

- Our jewels must be comfortable and almost forgettable, which is why they are tested and worn beforehand.

- They must be solid, and therefore designed to withstand the test of time. 

- Our aesthetics and our difference, which we have cultivated within the House for decades

- Personalized advice and adaptation to the individual's personality, skin or hair color

- Jewelry design for everyone

- Give a second life to jewelry that has sentimental value in the eyes of its owner, by offering it a new setting. 

The guarantee of uncompromising craftsmanship