Designer earrings

The jewelers at Tournaire have created a wide range of refined earrings, crafted in our French workshops in Montbrison in the Rhône-Alpes region. Each creation is designed to be unique and timeless.

When designers create earrings, the expertise of the Tournaire House and the quality of the jewelry materials are paramount. There are rules of excellence that Philippe and Mathieu Tournaire want to emphasize, such as the comfort and solidity of the collections, as well as the unique pieces of Jewellery from their House.

Gemstone selection is a bit like painting: the types of stones, the shapes, the colors, are the painter's tools and palette. For these two designer-jewelers, the gems they use must have real emotional value.

Philippe and Mathieu Tournaire use the most precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires... for their unique creations. This meticulous selection of precious stones is the expression of a know-how imbued with excellence.

" I don't choose a stone for its name, but for the optical effect it creates. Philippe Tournaire

Creating a piece of jewelry from Jewellery requires a great deal of preparatory artistic work, which can take several years at Tournaire. 

On request, our earrings can also be made entirely to measure, according to your expectations and tastes (choice of stones, gold color, shapes, engraving, etc.).

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