The art of writing by La Maison Tournaire

Discover exceptional pens Alchimie Tournaire. These writing instruments feature the symbol of the trilogythe iconic emblem of the House Tournaire.Finished in yellow gold and palladium, and lacquered in blue or white, the Tournaire pens promise a luxurious writing experience. These objects perfectly represent the art of living Tournaire and are entirely made in France

Over the years, Tournaire has acquired extensive experience in the design and manufacture of pens, thanks in particular to an 8-year partnership with the internationally renowned S.T. Dupont brand. Dupont.

Pen care Tournaire

Maison Tournaire pens require very little maintenance. To restore their original shine, they can be cleaned with a soft dry cloth. We recommend the use of Schmidt SRC 5888 M cartridges, which are readily available on the market.

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