Attention to small pleasures


Bracelets are the ultimate compromise gift. It's simpler to give, less imposing than a necklace, and without the size constraints of a ring. It's a gift that always gives pleasure, and makes all the difference in dressing up a wrist. You can't go wrong with a Tournaire gold bracelet.

It's also the kind of little pleasure we can easily give ourselves, without needing the excuse of a special occasion, unlike a ring for example.

Our House offers you a selection of 18 carat gold bracelets for women, carefully crafted in our workshops in Montbrison in the Loire region of France.

Our jewelry designers drew inspiration from our Marélie Baroque, Signe and Alchimie collections for this selection of jewelry, developed thanks to our jewelry expertise.


Bracelets to suit your mood


You can choose the color of your jewelry. In yellow gold, the color of the sun and symbol of all sources of life, in white gold for its lunar reflections, or in Pink Gold for a touch of originality. You're sure to find the Tournaire bracelet that's right for you, thanks to the different models we offer. These range from very sober bracelets, such as our Pure Alchimie gold bands, to more original models like our Chaîne bracelets and Marélie Baroque bracelets.

You can also find bracelets with and without diamonds, to suit your every whim.

As usual, Tournaire offers custom-made jewelry. This also applies to our bracelets, which can be customized ad infinitum. The bracelets on our E-shop can then become the starting point for your imagination, to imagine the perfect creation that will symbolize you...

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