The quality of our coloured stone creations

All the colored stones in our jewelry, or offered as creations, are carefully selected by our expert gemologists. In this way, we can guarantee a certain quality and, above all, respect for your expectations. To ensure maximum security for the stones, Tournaire favors the closed setting, which protects and holds the stone better than any other setting. What's more, our jewellery designers have developed their own system of sentinels. These are small diamond-set towers, raised above the other stones in the jewel to protect them from possible impact. Diamond being the hardest stone in the world, these sentinels are an ingenious way of protecting the most fragile stones, while adding aesthetic appeal, character and brilliance. This system is used extensively in our Marélie or Métropolis collections.

Harmonious colors for unparalleled beauty

As Philippe Tournaire likes to say, a stone should be chosen with the heart, for its beauty rather than its market value.

"I don't choose a stone for its name, but for the optical effect it creates". Philippe Tournaire

At Tournaire, stones are chosen for their color, their brilliance and their uniqueness. Philippe Tournaire creates rings with colored stones like a painter creates a palette of colors for a painting. And like the artist, he too is in search of a unique aesthetic that creates the soul of his jewelry.

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