Gold designer medals

La Maison Tournaire has crafted graceful, timeless medals that reflect a craftsmanship steeped in excellence. Our religious and secular medals are made entirely from 18 carat gold, and are available in yellow, Pink and white gold, to match your individual medal requirements. We offer both religious and secular medals.


Religious medals

Inspired by different religious symbolism , medals from Tournaire enable every woman, man and child to wear a symbol of their belief, either on their wrist or as a pendant. Medals are an important part of many faiths, and are often given on the occasion of a birth or christening. La Maison Tournaire offers all types of religious medals, from crosses to angels to virgins. As with most Tournaire creations, personalization is also entirely possible.


The secular medals collection

Secular medals are refined creations, treasures of timeless elegance made by the Maison Tournaire.

Because a medal doesn't necessarily have to have a religious meaning, Maison Tournaire is also thinking of people who simply want to mark the occasion with a sentimental object of strong emotional value.

Medals from Tournaire are made to last and to stand the test of time.

On request, our medals can also be made to measure, according to your expectations and tastes, in keeping with the Maison Tournaire philosophy. You can choose the stones, metal color and shape of your medal, as well as engrave a personalized name or message on it.


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