Since its creation, Lacroix has been recognized for the high level of quality of its products, their technicality and their unique design. The brand cultivates its difference with the design of exceptional technical products. The partnership with Les Ski Lacroix was the first significant collaboration of the Tournaire Maison.

Lacroix: luxury skis

It is a meeting of know-how, that of luxury and high performance skiing, and that of exceptional jewelry. They offered us the project of an original ski-jealousie and we were lucky to be quite free in creation, to do something that corresponds to the Tournaire® style. These skis, which were a world first, were very successful and they allowed us to reach many national media (TF1, M6, Europe 1…).

Thanks to the craze around this collaboration, the media have greatly interested these exceptional skis, where a composition of white gold patterns set with diamonds is encrusted. More than 10 years after this collaboration, journalists still tell me about these skis regularly.

The guarantee of an artisanal know -how without compromise

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