Exceptional natural white diamonds

All the diamonds used by Tournaire to create its engagement rings are of exceptional quality, extra white in color and scrupulously tested for purity. All our diamonds are systematically GVS-certified. All our white diamonds are natural and undergo an extremely rigorous selection process. They all follow the Kimerley process, which guarantees, among other things, that these diamonds are not involved in the financing of armed conflicts.

Le Solitaire: The ring of a lifetime

The declaration of intent to marry, symbolized by the engagement ring, is one of the key moments in the life of a couple and, more broadly, a family. An engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that marks a lifetime, a ring that will be worn for a lifetime. Engagement rings are also called "Solitaire rings" because they are often made with a single central diamond. The engagement ring should be worn on the ring finger of the left hand.

The House engagement rings Tournaire

The designers at Tournaire pay particular attention to the quality and durability of the brand's creations. This is all the more important when choosing an engagement ring that is destined to be worn for a lifetime. Our expertise at Jewellery and our experience in the creation and manufacture of made-to-measure rings enable us to offer you a selection of original engagement rings of the highest quality. In particular, you can discover engagement rings from the Alchimie collection, the famous French Kiss ring or diamond rings from the Pensé Sauvage collection

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