The House of Tournaire has created unique, timeless accessories that reflect a know-how imbued with passion.

Our silver belts

A refined and authentic collection of belts that reflect a know-how of excellence. Each piece is entirely designed and crafted by hand in our workshops in the Rhône-Alpes region of France. Our master jewelers, Philippe and Mathieu Tournaire, have crafted exceptional belts from leather of unique quality.

Our silk scarves

Our scarves are made entirely of precious silk. You'll find the most famous collections on these exceptional squares that perfectly embody the Maison's art of living Tournaire.

Our 4 fragrances

The House of Tournaire has created fragrances that reflect the grace and elegance worthy of French luxury houses.

Our perfumes are available in four fragrances:

- A fragrance with a modern and subtlearchitecture : "Architecture".

- An ode to sensuality, to the discovery of an oriental journey: "Gourmandise".

- A fragrance that's an invitation to travel, a marriage of Mediterranean tones and scents: "Labyrinthe".

- A floral enigma, a journey between past and present, blending precious childhood memories of meadows: "Pensée Sauvage".

Our silver accessories

Philippe and Mathieu Tournaire have hand-crafted exceptional silver cups, signatures of a rare taste for a majestic accessory. The Maison Tournaire presents its key rings, crafted with finesse and elegance thanks to the unique know-how of haute Jewellery.

On request, our accessories can also be made to measure, according to your expectations and tastes (choice of stones, gold color, shape, engraving...).

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