Ring French Kiss : Symbol of Paris

Part of the Architecture collection, the " French Kiss " ring is a variation on the " Paris " ring created by jeweller Philippe TOURNAIRE . Launched as a preview in China at the request of Chinese fans of the brand, the " French Kiss " ring has now taken up residence in our French shop windows. For our greatest pleasure!

" French Kiss ", collection Architecture.

In his own way, Philippe Tournaire has imagined the most eternal of loners. And surely the proudest. The French Kiss ring was created in the image of lovers meeting under the Eiffel Tower, to declare their love in a kiss, a " French Kiss ". Having always been fascinated by buildings and architecture, and of course by the Eiffel Tower, the jeweler-builder, eternally curious, one day imagined turning it upside down to get a better look. Thus was born the French Kiss ring with a precious stone at its center: either a white diamond, a topaz, an amethyst, a red garnet or a citrine. Discover the magnificent French Kiss solitaire ring for happy lovers. A fine, powerful engagement ring like its elder sister, the French Kiss was born!

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