Inspiration is in the small details of life

inspiration, creation

Inspiration can be in simple details of life, in art for example. It is at the moment when we expect the least that she falls on us, we can be moved by the beauty, the simplicity of an object or a landscape of colors, which can give birth to an idea .

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Design and waxes

The design of a jewelry

Discover all the secrets of the design of a tower jewel. The Tournaire Maison uses classic jewelry-joilry manufacturing techniques and also develops many innovative techniques for the design of these jewelry.

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Preparation, adjustment, assembly and polishing

Stone crushing

When a creative piece comes out of the melting, the metal is in the raw state, that is to say that its surface has many imperfections to be corrected before obtaining the final result. From the abrasive disc to the torch, for welds, the wide range of techniques and tools used for this step allows you to meet each need.

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The last step of a jewelry room

The finish of the jewelry

Once the precious stones are set, comes the time of the finishing polish. This is the final touch, the perfectly shiny metal will thus be able to make all its radiance. The latest touch -ups are made and the latest faults after set are caught. The jewel is then cleaned in an ultrasonic bath.

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