Gold, forgotten symbols

These days, most of us wear gold, either as wedding ring or as a setting for a stone. It's almost commonplace. But many of us forget the symbolism behind its golden sheen. In ancient Egypt, for example, gold was associated with Ra, god of the sun and symbol of all sources of life. We also find this image in many cultures, particularly in the West, where gold's analogy with purity, sovereignty and the divine is very present. The image of purity can, however, be explained by the eternal aspect of this rustproof metal. Gold's properties and sacredness have led mankind to use it for ornaments, jewels and objects of worship. Today, we find some of these treasures, family heirlooms and heirlooms of great collectors, at auctions, gold buy-backs and exhibitions.  

Quality aesthetics

La Maison Tournaire has all the design and production processes for its jewelry in-house. This means we have total control over the creation of our jewelry, from the drawing board, through 3D design, to manufacture in our workshops in Montbrison. Philippe Tournaire was one of the first jewelers to invest in this type of technology, as at the time it was still far from being approved by other Maisons. However, 3D printing enables us to achieve remarkable detail and unrivalled rendering. This has enabled us to create some truly exceptional and original new designs, such as our Architecture jewelry collection. In addition to an original style, our designers also make a point of producing jewelry in 18 carat gold, 750 thousandths, to guarantee the quality of their creations.

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