2018 gemology workshop

Following the success of last year our jewelry house again offers its gemology workshops to allow any curious, passionate or in love to discover the science of gems, their meanings and their history.

And for those who already know the Tournaire label, it is a way to rediscover our creations in a completely different way. You will thus be free to manipulate gems of all types as well as some of our most beautiful creations.

Our workshops are divided into three main stages:

- The first, more theoretical than the other two, allows our guests to acquire the vocabulary and basic knowledge necessary for the smooth running of the workshop.

- The second part, meanwhile, rents in the heart of the matter, the discovery of stones. You will have the opportunity to hold in your hands diamonds, sapphires, opals, tanzanites ... which you will be free to observe with the help of professionals of professionals. This step is also commented on by our gemologist who then takes pleasure in breaking certain prejudices.

- The third step is to discover or rediscover the Tournaire universe through our creations. Come and share with us a friendly and warm moment around the world of gems and jewelry.

This is a monthly meeting, which takes place in our Tournaire stores, and which you can register, with your friends or family.