A new era for gold bracelets


Here, our designers take up the codes of traditional medals by adapting them into curbets. These include classic motifs such as our angel collection, but also more original ones such as our imprint model. The gourmette is no longer a simple first name affixed to a plate, but a piece of jewelry in its own right, with its own symbolism conveyed by the central motif. Symbolism that you have chosen to materialize through your own creation Tournaire.



Find the curb chain that's right for you

To make this piece of jewelry even more unique, we canengrave a first name, a word or a date on the back of the bracelet. Our bracelets can be used for any event: birth, christening, communion or birthday gift.

We create both religious and secular gourmettes, so that everyone, whatever their faith, can find something to their liking in one of the Maison Tournaire boutiques.


Jewels that stand the test of time


It's a rather special piece of jewelry, since it's meant to be symbolic and personal. Curblets are generally used to mark a special occasion. Gold is used in the creation of our gourmet bracelets, as it is a guarantee of high quality and durability.

Our designers have designed this jewel to be perfectly suited to children's wrists, although it is also adaptable for adults. Thanks to the choice of a solid chain, the Jaseron mesh will stand the test of time, and its rounded shape fits perfectly with the central jewel. What's more, our workshops, located in Montbrison in the Loire region of France, offer you the possibility of adjusting the length of the chain to suit your wrist, so that your curb chain will accompany you throughout your life.

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