A vertiginous collection

This collection pays tribute to an important source of inspiration for designers Philippe and Mathieu Tournaire :architecture. Omnipresent in a more or less abstract way in the creations of the Maison de Jewellery, it is in this collection thatarchitecture becomes totally realistic. Step inside these unique creations and (re)discover the world's monuments and major cities in a miniature setting that's larger than life. There's something for every taste: from small, discreet creations like the Chinese Pagoda to more imposing creations like the Dubai and Moscow rings. Unique creations with character that pay homage toarchitecture, a theme dear to the House. Tournaire

Wear your home

Since personalization is in the genes of la Maison Tournaire, we can create any architectural construction. Whether you'd like to take a cherished monument home with you, represent the town where you grew up, or even your own home, anything is possible with La Maison Tournaire. You can find this spirit in the many monuments we've transformed into pieces at Jewellery , as well as in city rings like the Paris or London ring. You won't go unnoticed with a Architecture creation from Tournaire. These works of art, with their finesse and larger-than-life details, make all the difference and often have a sentimental aspect.

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