Universal symbolism

Mathieu's first collection Tournaire, the Lock & Love collection was released in 2013. The Pont des Arts in Paris was Mathieu's main inspiration Tournaire for this unique collection.

Through his many travels, he has come to realize that the symbolism of the padlock is universal, and that the Pont des Arts is not the only place where lovers come to seal their union. The padlock can be said to be a sign of intercultural unity, in the form of a collective and participative work of street art, notably on the Pont des Arts.

A new way to seal your love

The Lock & Love collection offers a different and original way to seal your love with small charms-shaped padlocks, to be placed on a pendant, bracelet or ring. Choose from a range of padlock shapes, and even add a diamond.

The various creations in the collection feature numerous references toarchitecture, symbolizing the building of a relationship, like the bridge that links two sides of a river, or the tree that symbolizes life and family.

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