In the heart of the house, discover the history and know-how of the two creators of the Maison Tournaire.

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Philippe Tournaire obtains the masterpiece of master and the status of sculptor on precious metals. That year, he installed his first workshop which also served as a shop. His jeweler's journey starts where it all started: in the cellar of the family house, next to Saint-Germain-Laval in the Loire, a village of 1,500 inhabitants. Very quickly, his creations arouse a real craze and this intimate place and without a showcase turns out to be unsuitable. Word-to-ear praises the quality of his work and the singularity of his jewelry attracts an increasing number of customers.


Philippe Tournaire settles in a townhouse in Montbrison, rue Tupinerie, which he arranged to accommodate a workshop and a shop to obtain visibility on the most commercial street in the city.


Philippe Tournaire obtains the title of "master craftsman". The Maître Artisan title represents the highest distinction that it is possible to attribute to a craftsman. It is a title of honor for any craftsman who receives it.


Launch of the iconic collection Alchimie. The creator Joaillier Philippe Tournaire represents The stages of life: the square for the past, the triangle for the present and the round for the future. This reason will become his signature.

The ring Alchimie Trilogy was imagined on the occasion of a trilogy competition organized by the Diamond Center in the 90s. It was first drawn in two different ways and then produced in prototypes. The trilogy that was retained was not the favorite of Philippe Tournaire: the prettiest on paper did not give the most beautiful effect in reality. This iconic model of the house required several years of evolution to reach the perfectly balanced and harmonious current version.


With a growing renown, Philippe Tournaire opens a second shop, in Lyon in the Carré d'Or Lyonnais. The Tournaire boutique is located today at 4, rue Childebert, in the Lyonnaise peninsula.


The year of consecration with the opening of a third shop in Paris, Place Vendôme, the address of the biggest jewelers in the world. This prestigious establishment gives the Tournaire Maison a new scale which allows it an international expansion, with exhibitions on the American continent, the Middle East and Asia.


Philippe Tournaire combines his jewelry know-how with that of a large sports brand: Les Skis Lacroix. This renowned partnership will be the first in a long series, including Clément rums, Focal Helmets, Ceramist Georges Pelletier, BIC pens or the best -selling contemporary artist in the world Richard Orlinski.


Arrival of Mathieu Tournaire, son of Philippe Tournaire in the company. Inevitably, the passion for the jewelry of Mathieu Tournaire was transmitted by his father naturally during childhood since he spent a large part of his days in the latter's workshop. However, the future creator did not directly follow the path offered to him. He began his professional life in teaching after following studies in history and anthropology. However, this growing passion that is in him from an early age takes over and ends up catching him.


Fabienne Buccio, a prefect of the Loire, gives the highest honorary distinction of our nation to Philippe Tournaire, that of knight's insignia in the national order of the Legion of Honor.

The same year, Mathieu Tournaire became artistic director of the house and inaugurated the new head office located on the outskirts of Montbrison. This manufacture is made up of a new shop as well as the workshop and research & development offices.


Artistic director of the house since 2013, Mathieu Tournaire becomes managing director of the company.

Mathieu Tournaire conveys the fundamental values ​​of the house, he thinks and manufactures all his jewelry in his workshop in Montbrison in France, while valuing a precious know-how of French jewelry inherited from his father.


Launch of a new brand: Decor Tournaire.

A new department dedicated to decoration and art objects backed by the house of jewelry which has mastered for several years all the know-how of jewelry, jewelry, 3D prototyping, foundry, goldsmithery ... This within its workshop in Montbrison the Loire.

Today the Maison Tournaire joins forces with companies for unique creations or series productions requiring its historic know-how, but also its new techniques developed in the field of decoration, table art, of the design.

Tournaire house

A story, French jewelry

The house of Joaillerie Tournaire was founded 50 years ago by Philippe Tournaire in the Loire. Self -taught, its history and its unique jewelry combining architecture and jewelry brought it to an international renown.

Recognized for several decades, notably for its marked DNA and its strong commitments, the Tournaire Maison has a rare French know-how, the fruit of the alliance of ancestral techniques such as lost wax and the most modern technologies like 3D modeling.

Avant-garde, Maison Tournaire has been using 3D printing for over twenty years. This while appearing among the rare jewelry houses making its jewelry entirely in its workshops, from design to crimping, including melting or polishing.

Over the years, Philippe Tournaire has transmitted his passion to his son Mathieu who now conveys the fundamental values ​​of the house. Mathieu Tournaire thinks and makes all his jewelry in his workshop in Montbrison (France), while valuing a precious know-how of French jewelry inherited from his father.

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Joaillier creator, since 1973

Beyond know-how

Like its creators Philippe and Mathieu, Maison Tournaire is always looking for innovation, the jewel that we have never seen, never made. For 50 years, the Tournaire House has been distinguished in the world of jewelry by a strong style, subtly using the art of "organized disorder". This unique style is characterized by great freedom of expression combined with all audacity, always looking for jewelry with perfect balance. The creators do not forbid anything, until the discovery of the good association of form, color ... A freedom associated with a unique know-how mixing the best of ancestral techniques such as lost wax melting, and the best of technologies The most modern such as 3D design. More than 20 years ago, the Tournaire Maison was a pioneer in the use of 3D, now a must in all major jewelry houses.

Maison Tournaire is made up of a team of experts, with exceptional know-how and techniques, which is involved every day in the service of a common passion. From the first stroke of the pencil to the presentation of the jewelry in stores, everything is made internally by the teams of the Tournaire workshop in Montbrison-Savigneux. The Tournaire House has always been based on values ​​that are inseparable to it. And it is on this base that Philippe and Mathieu Tournaire perpetuate precious know-how and a reputation of French tradition.

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Jewelery Creators

Philippe & Mathieu Tournaire

Jeweler Creators, revolutionize the codes of traditional jewelry by bringing extraordinary shapes and colors. Beyond the modes, the Tournaire House forged its style of character and elevation by drawing on its travels as well as its different meetings.

La Maison Tournaire which opened in 1984 in Montbrison, in France, offers today these jewelry in the city center of Lyon rue Childebert, close to Place Bellecour and in Paris on the famous Place Vendôme. The house of jewelry also offers you in Montbrison, Lyon and Paris all of these jewelry repair services, transformation of jewelry, creation of tailor -made jewelry, gold buyout, jewelry estimate.

All creations are designed and manufactured exclusively in our manufacture in France. To design and shape their jewelry, the two jewelry artists use the most noble materials (yellow, white gold and pink gold) which can be set with exceptional precious stones selected by expert jewelers.

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