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Philippe and Mathieu Tournaire, creators of jewelry, revolutionize the codes of traditional jewelry by bringing unusual shapes and colors. Beyond the fashion, Maison Tournaire has forged its style of character and elevation by drawing on its travels as well as its different encounters. La Maison Tournaire opened its doors in 1984 in Montbrison, France. All the creations are designed and manufactured exclusively in our factory in France. To design and fashion their jewelry the two jewelers use the most noble materials (yellow gold, white gold and pink gold) which can be set with exceptional gemstones selected by expert jewelers.

A story of jewelry

The circle is a strong symbol of the Maison Tournaire. The one who inspired Philippe Tournaire to draw and create in 1974 his first real 18-karat gold ring with a diamond placed white in the middle of the ring "a centered small shine" Philippe Tournaire Today, this collection never ceases to accompany l History of the jewelry brand. Thus, the circle dear to Philippe Tournaire that comes from his passion for history, is also found in the works of Mathieu Tournaire, who interprets it differently in his jewelry.

Custom made jewelry

Our jewelry establishment creates unique and timeless jewels that reflects a passion for excellence. La Maison Tournaire also manufactures custom-made jewelry that represents French aesthetics and prestige. "A stone that has a history and meaning for a person, whatever its financial value, has an emotional value that is more important to me, and it can continue to live through unique creations that will be carried and transmitted. " Mathieu Tournaire

Tournaire’s style in 3 words: character, audacity and originality

Let yourself be enchanted by the incredible collections of character that reflect grace and elegance. You will find the most famous collections that perfectly embody the lifestyle of Maison Tournaire. Engagement rings, the charm of the Astrée collection, the famous collections Alchemy and Garland, the iconic collections Signe and Free, a collection of watches (Expression, Ionic, Doors of Time) with delicate and refined looks, an unusual collection that is Emotion, the sublime Pensée Sauvage collection, recent collections such as Ma Petite Pierre Blanche, Lock and Love, the majestic French Kiss, the audacious collections of Opera and Villeroy or a collection of religious and secular medals that reflect the know-how of excellence.

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