A line of elegance

Philippe and Mathieu Tournaire have created extraordinary secular medals that are both basic and refined. Maison Tournaire medals are available in gold or silver for girls, boys, men and women. La Maison Tournaire has designed secular medals to complement traditional religious medals, so that everyone can identify with the symbolism conveyed by the medals, regardless of their beliefs. Maison Tournaire presents enchanting collections that celebrate the elegance of simplicity. Our designer-jewelers unveil exceptional creations with a bold, modern style. Medals can be worn on a gold chain or a Chinese silk link.

Must-have jewels

Iconic and symbolic jewelry, medals have stood the test of time and generally carry a strong message and symbolism. Medals are often given on special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries, although everyone is free to give one whenever they like. Most of the time, medals are the jewels of a lifetime. That's why Tournaire ensures the durability of its creations, so that your medal will stand the test of time. The quality of Tournaire creations is one of the most important commitments of the Maison de Jewellery , which makes all its jewelry in France.

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