Our expertise Tournaire

Like its creators Philippe and Mathieu, Tournaire is always on the lookout for innovation, for jewelry that has never been seen or made before. For 50 years, Tournaire has set itself apart in the world of Jewellery with a strong style, subtly using the art of "organized disorder".
This unique style is characterized by great freedom of expression and daring, always in search of a perfectly balanced piece of jewelry. The designers restrict themselves to nothing, right up to the discovery of the right combination of shape and color... A freedom associated with a unique know-how combining the best of ancestral techniques such as lost-wax casting, and the best of the most modern technologies such as 3D design. Over 20 years ago, La Maison Tournaire pioneered the use of 3D technology, which is now a standard feature of all the major Maisons at Jewellery.
La Maison Tournaire is made up of a team of experts with exceptional skills and techniques, who devote themselves every day to a shared passion. From the first stroke of the pen to the jewel's presentation in the boutique, everything is created in-house by the teams at the Tournaire workshop in Montbrison-Savigneux. The Tournaire brand has always been built on values that are inseparable from the company. And it is on this foundation that Philippe and Mathieu Tournaire perpetuate precious know-how and a reputation for French tradition.

The expertise of the House Tournaire, Today

For several years now, Tournaire has been mastering all the skills required for jewelry-making, Jewellery, 3D prototyping, casting, goldsmithing... all at its workshops in Montbrison (Loire, 42). These skills, which are extremely rare in France today, have attracted the interest of Maison de Luxe, with whom Tournaire has collaborated to create exceptional pieces or complete collections: Lacroix skis, Clément rums, S.T. Dupont pens and lighters, audio headphones, and more.Dupont pens and lighters, Focal headphones, Antoine Jourdan furniture... Today, Tournaire partners with companies for one-off creations or mass production, requiring not only its historic know-how, but also new techniques developed in the fields of decoration, tableware and design.

La Maison Tournaire is founded on four core values:



Creation, quality and expertise are intimately linked at Tournaire , which ensures the perfection of the jewels that leave its workshop. From creation to setting, casting and polishing, all Tournaire jewels are made entirely in our Montbrison-Savigneux workshop by specialized craftsmen, some of whom have been trained on site by our master jeweler. All creations follow the same manufacturing process, with the same high standards of excellence at every stage.


Innovation is the term that best characterizes the Maison's DNA. As a self-taught artist, Philippe Tournaire has never been afraid to innovate throughout his career, blending distinctive manufacturing techniques with unrivalled expertise to create the jewel of his imagination, often far removed from the classic codes of Jewellery. In addition to its recognizable style, Tournaire is one of the first Maison de Haute-Jewellery to have integrated 3D design into its creative process. It uses 3D modeling as well as 3D printing to create certain pieces. A piece of Tournaire jewelry is the result of a judicious blend of innovation, technology, traditional know-how and creativity.


Our commitment to the Tournaire brand is ensured by constant monitoring, a concern that is verified on a daily basis in our workshop. The white diamonds used are GVS minimum quality natural diamonds, all of which follow the Kimberley process, guaranteeing that the diamonds are not involved in financing armed conflicts. The gold used by the company is bought back from its customers, in order to promote a circular economy.
To preserve French know-how and ensure consistent quality, tomorrow's jewelers are trained in-house, thereby generating jobs locally and continuing to develop the House's expertise Tournaire in France.

Caring for others:

For Philippe and Mathieu Tournaire , simplicity is the watchword, a value they strive to uphold despite the constant expansion of their Maison de Jewellery. For them, privileged relationships with customers are essential if they are to continue to excel in their field. Tournaire is more than just a House of Jewellery, it's also an experience that leads to creations that will accompany our customers for a lifetime.