Past, Present and Future, the 3 stages in the evolution of life.

In creating the Trilogy ring Alchimie, jewellery designer Philippe Tournaire wanted to mark the passage of time. Symbols of the trinity: the Past is represented by the rough square, the Present by the triangle, which links the Past to the Future, and finally the circle of plenitude, the culmination, the future... This collection brings together the different elements that create thealchimie of life.

The story of the ring trilogy Alchimie

Created in 2001, the Trilogy ring by Tournaire was designed by Philippe Tournaire for a "trilogy jewelry" competition organized by the Diamond Center. This ring is directly inspired by the Alchimie collection created 10 years earlier by the jewelry artist.

Two very different prototypes were produced, and in the end the first Trilogy ring Alchimie was chosen. This jewel has evolved over the years until today, when it has found its harmony. Since the 2000s, it has become the Maison's iconic model.

A complete jewelry collection

From iconic rings to gold bracelets and a selection of pendants, discover a complete collection of jewelry inspired by the trilogy symbolism of the Maison Tournaire. For weddings, choose from alchimie all-gold wedding rings or gold and diamond wedding rings set in geometric shapes, simple solitaires with a choice of settings square, round or triangles, which can also be stacked side by side. You'll also find a range of bracelets, bracelets on silk ties, silver bracelets on leather... And of course a series of gold pendants and earrings with diamonds, available in different shapes square, triangle and round together or separately.

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