Our gold rings set with diamonds

The diamond, sovereign of all gemstones, is synonymous with purity due to its brilliant color, and with constancy and immortality due to its hardness. It is this latter symbolism that we find in engagement rings, where the diamond symbolizes the eternal love . In many cultures, this gem is also considered a talisman against various evils.

Appreciated by all, it's the gemstone par excellence, the one that gives jewels their light and unrivalled brilliance thanks to the reflection of its multiple facets. In fact, diamonds come in many shapes. For example, they can be pyramid-cut in Pink . 

diamonds are also the only gem to benefit from a table with precise criteria for defining a stone's price. In all jewelry stores, the 4C rule is used to assess the value of a white diamond: Color, Carat, Clarity, Cut. These characteristics will determine its value, but above all its brilliance, i.e. its optical effect. 

The choice Tournaire

Our jewellery designers, Philippe and Mathieu, often use diamonds as an accompaniment to other gems, to add extra sparkle to their creations, but for diamond lovers, we also make all-diamond jewelry. You can choose from our emblematic collections such asAlchimie, Pensée Sauvage or French Kissall in diamonds. In all our creations, as well as the all-diamond one, we favor the closed setting. This technique holds the stone securely in place, while respecting the diamond's brilliance.

We also like to use rough and colored diamonds, bringing a new vision of this precious stone.

All our diamonds are natural and GVS-certified, i.e. "extra white" in color. We guarantee that our stones are selected according to the Kimberley Process, ensuring that their purchase does not contribute to the direct or indirect financing of armed conflicts.

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