jardin de babylone

Always looking for innovation, unheard of and never done, it is above all a strong style, subtly using the art of "organized disorder".

This unique style is characterized by great freedom of expression, in order to achieve a creation with a perfect balance by prohibiting any solution and grop to discover the good combination of shape, color.

This creation represents the suspended gardens of Babylon, an ancient building considered as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Mythical or real architecture of antiquity which is only known thanks to ancient texts.

The idea of ​​creating a representation of this often admired, written and painted garden but never made in 3 dimensions.

This piece of high jewelry is in yellow and pink gold 750 thousandths (18k), set with 12 diamonds (0.2 carat), 6 sapphires (1.6 carat) and microcrystals of grenats (24 carats) for a total weight of 36 grams.

There are ancient architectural elements such as arcades and columns. Staircases for walking from one garden to another. Under the central garden is a fountain to quench its thirst.

The gardens are symbolized by microcrystals of bright green grenats reminiscent of a lush nature. In different places are water pools represented by sapphires. Here, diamonds bring sparks to this creation.

The guarantee of an artisanal know -how without compromise

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