It is very popular for jewelry-making. It is very light gray in color, often implying an idea of brilliance. It is therefore highly prized for its special brilliance.

Silver: a precious metal

Silver also symbolizes power and prosperity. It is considered by alchemists to be the "metal of the moon".

Concerning oxidation, it should be noted that silver jewelry oxidizes when it comes into contact with humidity, perfumes or when it is not worn. Oxidation is a natural phenomenon, occurring only on the surface of the jewel, and does not alter its quality. Pure silver, also known as fine silver, is softer than gold and platinum. So, like gold, it is alloyed with other metals such as copper to make it more solid. As with platinum, silver purity grades are indicated in parts of 1000 (maximum). The most common in jewelry is 925 silver, also known as Sterling silver. It consists of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. Another type of silver is also known: 958 or Britannia silver, made up of 95.8% pure silver.

To find out whether your jewelry is 925 silver, you need to look for the "State hallmark", a hallmark representing the head of a Minerva (Greek goddess).

Caring for silver jewelry

Silver is a metal that tends to tarnish over time and rapidly lose its lustre. Silver jewelry naturally oxidizes with air and humidity. The first tip is to wear them as often as possible. If left unworn, silver quickly darkens when exposed to air and light for too long. Keep your silver jewelry in a closed bag, away from air and avoid exposing it to chemicals. To protect your silver jewelry, you can apply a coat of clear varnish. To clean your jewelry at home, you can put a little toothpaste on a brush and gently scrub your jewelry with it. Leave for a few moments, then rinse with clean water. However, it is not advisable to clean your silver jewelry with a liquid cleaner.

The best way to care for your silver jewelry is to go to a specialist at Jewellery. La Maison Tournaire offers maintenance and cleaning services for all your jewelry. For more information, contact our customer service department.

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