Platinum is a naturally white metal, which gives it a luminosity that enhances the splendor of diamonds without altering their color.

Platinum: a precious metal

Its purity is embodied by its incomparable brilliance and luster. It is also denser, purer and stronger than gold. Platinum's hardness and durability make it ideal for jewelry and Jewellery . Another advantage of platinum is that it is hypoallergenic, meaning it causes fewer allergies than other metals. An ideal metal for sensitive and reactive skin.

Philippe Tournaire recommends platinum: "Time has no effect on platinum, its color doesn't change, what appeals to me most is its resistance to wear and tear."

Platinum is eternal: Jewelry doesn't tarnish and remains as it is for life. Over time, platinum becomes even more beautiful. For a wedding ring, choose platinum to express eternity andamour. A symbol of purity, platinum seals 70 years of marriage. Available in very few places on our planet, platinum is 30 times rarer than gold. Platinum jewelry is exclusive and desired by all jewelry lovers. To strengthen platinum, it is combined with iridium, palladium or ruthenium. As with silver, its purity is expressed in parts of 1000. The most common grades are platinum 950 (95% pure and 5% other metals), platinum 900 and platinum 850. All platinum jewelry carries the Pt or Plat hallmark. Platinum 950 has a dog's head as its "state hallmark".

Caring for platinum jewelry

Platinum is one of the most wear-resistant metals available. Philippe Tournaire recommends platinum as it is virtually unaffected by time. However, like all jewelry, it can lose some of its luster. It is therefore important to maintain it.

At home, you can maintain your platinum jewelry by soaking it in a solution of warm, soapy water, then rubbing it with a soft cloth to revive its color. If you see scratches appearing on your platinum jewelry, we advise you to visit your jeweler. La Maison Tournaire can polish your platinum jewel to restore its shine and remove surface marks.

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