Boules de pétanques Obut x Tournaire

The expertise of excellence of two family businesses gives rise to an exceptional piece: a prestigious triplet, decorated with 180 grams of gold and set with more than 12 carats of diamonds, matching a 55g gold jack set with diamonds. A triplet unique in the world.

Delivered within 1 to 4 weeks

An exceptional set, called "alchemy", worth 100,000 euros. "Alchemy" is the fruit of a prestigious alliance: a fruitful alchemy between the Obut® brand, the world leader in the manufacture of pétanque balls and the Tournaire® house, recognized for many years for its creations of Symbolic and atypical jewelry.

Reference Obut001
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Montbrison, Lyon, Paris

Philippe & Mathieu Tournaire

Jeweler Creators, revolutionize the codes of traditional jewelry by bringing extraordinary shapes and colors. Beyond the fashions, the Tournaire Maison forged its style of character and elevation by drawing on its travels as well as its different meetings.

La Maison Tournaire which opened in 1984 in Montbrison, in France, offers today these jewelry in the city center of Lyon rue Childebert, near Place Bellecour and in Paris on the famous Place Vendôme. The house of jewelry also offers you in Montbrison, Lyon and Paris all of these jewelry repair services, jewelry transformation, creation of tailor -made jewelry, gold buyout, jewelry estimate.

All creations are designed and manufactured exclusively in our manufacture in France. To design and shape their jewelry, the two jewelry artists use the most noble materials (yellow, white gold and pink gold) which can be set with exceptional precious stones selected by expert jewelers.

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