Discover Tournaire in a different way

To make its mark in a new way, the House of Tournaire has created unique fragrances with character. These fragrances reflect the image of the House Tournaire , subtly and accurately transcribing the universe of the House's most iconic collections from Jewellery

From Labyrinthe, an invitation to travel through the scents of the Mediterranean, to Architecture, a stronger, more masculine fragrance with a subtle, modernarchitecture , to Gourmandise, a fragrance of unparalleled sensuality with floral and oriental flavors, and Pernsée Sauvage, a fragrance that plunges you into flowery memories in an enigmatic atmosphere.

Fragrances from Tournaire are original and incomparable, scents that will leave no one indifferent and transport you in a different way to the rich and eclectic world of Tournaire.

Parfums Tournaire is also available with bag jewels, small spray cans made of gold-gilded bronze. They allow you to carry these extraordinary fragrances wherever you like.

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