For several years now, the Maison Tournaire has been offering introductory workshops in gemology (the study of precious stones). Thanks to his passion for gemstones and his background as a teacher, Mathieu Tournaire brings these workshops to life, allowing visitors to discover the Maison Tournaire and its jewelry from another angle.

Succumb to the beauty of stones

Our gemology workshop allows participants to discover the science of stones, their meaning and how a jeweler handles and observes them. It also gives you another way of discovering the Maison Tournaire and its unique creations, which you will have the chance to handle during this gemology workshop.

The workshop is divided into 3 main parts:

The first part is more theoretical, providing the basic knowledge and vocabulary needed to understand the workshop.

-The second part is devoted to the discovery of precious stones. La Maison Tournaire does not shy away from breaking down preconceived ideas about gems. Diamonds, sapphires, opals and Tanzanites are all in your hands, and you can observe them at your leisure through a x10 magnifying glass.

-The final part of the workshop allows participants to have direct contact with the Tournaire creations, as it is dedicated to their presentation. From iconic jewels such as the trilogy Alchimie ring or the French Kiss ring to more intriguing pieces such as the Archipolis collection, you will discover, accompanied by a gemologist from the Maison Tournaire, the spirit of the Maison and its values.

Thanks to its convivial and participative dimension, this workshop will enable you to immerse yourself in the world of Jewellery and gemology.

You can contact your nearest Tournaire boutique for more information.

The guarantee of uncompromising craftsmanship