Inspiration is found in life's little details

inspiration, creation

Inspiration can be found in the simple details of life, in art for example. Just when you least expect it, it can fall into your lap, and you can be moved by the beauty and simplicity of an object or a colorful landscape, which can give rise to an idea.

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Design and waxes

jewelry design

Discover all the secrets of jewelry design Tournaire. Tournaire uses classic jewelry-making techniquesJewellery and also develops many innovative techniques for the design of these jewels.

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Preparation, adjustment, assembly and polishing

stone setting

When a creative piece comes out of the casting process, the metal is in its raw state, meaning that its surface contains numerous imperfections that need to be corrected before the final result can be achieved. From abrasive discs to blowtorches for welding, the wide range of techniques and tools used at this stage can meet every need.

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The final stage of a Jewellery

jewel finishing

Once the gemstones have been set, it's time for the finishing polish. This is the final touch, allowing the perfectly polished metal to regain its full brilliance. Final touch-ups are made, and any post-setting flaws are ironed out. The jewel is then cleaned in an ultrasonic bath. 

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