The childhood of discoveries

The childhood of a creator

Small, I dismantled the alarm clock, the pendulums, to understand the why of this magic tick-tac and to have the pleasure of reassembling them.

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A cellar to make his weapons

The beginnings of Philippe Tournaire

Self -taught, I groped at length from the knowledge learned as a family or in travel. In Morocco for example, I met craftsmen who worked with a very rudimentary tool.

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First shop

An image that is shaped


In 1984, when I started, I said to myself when I got home from a fair in Paris:"If I had a showcase in town it would be good, rather than people only come by word of mouth". I then allowed myself to think about it, I hesitated between Roanne and Montbrison.

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National success

International opening

Today if I continue, it is because I have fun being with a team and I try to keep this group spirit. Even if there are rules to respect, there is always a good atmosphere and it is not the chore of coming.

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Family sustainability

Different continuity

I thank all my clients, the most modest to the wealthiest, who gave me their confidence ... and allowed to achieve this story.

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Video Hero Section

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