Bronze egg Tournaire Decor

Collection : Tableware
490.00 €
Pour célébrer les cinquante ans de la Maison Tournaire, Mathieu Tournaire crée des œufs de Pâques en bronze suivant les prémices de son père, Philippe.
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It was in the late 80s that Philippe Tournaire 's gold eggs were created. The egg was a natural choice for the artist, as it is a ubiquitous symbol in the ornamental friezes of Greco-Roman antiquity. These edifices are a great source of inspiration for Philippe Tournaire , and inevitably, ancient scenes have come to decorate these golden eggs.

Decades later, his son, Mathieu Tournaire, reinvented these precious eggs in bronze.

Reference 100752
Height 67 mm
Width 47 mm
Metal Bronze
Average weight of jewel 60 gr
Montbrison, Lyon, Paris


Creative jewelers, revolutionize the codes of traditional Jewellery with unusual shapes and colors. Beyond fashion, Tournaire has forged its style of character and elevation by drawing on its travels and encounters.

La Maison Tournaire opened its doors in 1984 in Montbrison, France, and today offers its jewelry in downtown Lyon on Rue Childebert, near Place Bellecour, and in Paris on the famous Place Vendôme. In Montbrison, Lyon and Paris, La Maison de Jewellery also offers a full range of jewelry repair services, jewelry transformation, custom jewelry design, gold buying and jewelry appraisal.

All creations are designed and crafted exclusively in our factory in France. To design and shape their jewelry, the two artist-jewelers use the noblest materials (yellow gold, white gold and gold pink), which can be set with exceptional gemstones selected by expert jewelers.